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Welcome to KENT primary Section

Our primary and Junior high school curriculum prepares pupils for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) of the West African Examinations Council (W.A.E.C). 

Subjects offered at this level include:

  • Numeracy 

  • language and literacy 

  • Science 

  • History 

  • Our World Our People 

  • Creative Arts 

  • Physical Education

  • Ghanaian Language  (Twi / Ga)

  • French  

We also offer the following programmes:

The Abacus Programme, is based on a “Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System” specially designed to offer a unique opportunity for children aged 5 to 13 to develop their brains fully. 

Enrolling your ward in ABACUS classes can also help them to bring up their confidence and concentration level in their daily activities. Not only that, learning abacus can also help a child to improve their memory.

We have competent graduate professionals teaching these subjects.